Romanian Intelligence Studies Review no. 25 / 2021

RISR no. 25 – 2021

Content RISR no. 25

Virtual reality: new medium for training purposes

Zvi-Tubul LAVY, Serena BIANCHI

Health crisis – beyond uncertainty and challengess


Covid-19. The national security approach

Florian COLDEA

Impact of Covid-19 on knowledge production. Case study of a knowledge society


Big data at the border: where do we draw the line?


When technology and social media are meeting Covid-19. Relativization of the truth and the fate of social media

Iulian CHIFU

Breaking (fake) news: an alternative truth

Raluca-Georgiana MUNTENIȚĂ

The presence in the online environment of the institutions with a role in ensuring national security in the pandemic context

Oana-Cătălina NĂSTASE (c. FRĂȚILĂ)

The captor of the dacian king decebalus – the most decorated roman intelligence officer

Cristian GĂZDAC

A new containment strategy in Asia

Mihnea Alexandru CIOCAN

Covid-19, the extra pandemic risk. Human structural inner changes  triggered  by  the  Covid-19  pandemic.  Threats  to national and international security

Sabrina MAGRIS, Martina GRASSI, Livia Stefania MIHALACHE, Davide BELLOMO

Leveraging structured analytic techniques to recognize personal and global health crises

Randolph H. PHERSON

Refurbishing international relations as sociology of elites. A rather personal account at the centennial of the domain

Silviu-Valentin PETRE

Review: Despina STRATIGAKOS, Hitler’s Northern Utopia. Building the New Order in Occupied Norway