OSINT Centre of Excellence

Open Source Intelligence, or OSINT, requires precise research of open sources of information, from media and Internet resources, to libraries and bookstores. In a heterogeneous informational environment, where information is disseminated 24/7, open sources are considered to be, more than ever, significantly relevant for both society, as a whole, and Intelligence domain, as component. This attribute of open sources can be interpreted in a double key: opportunity and challenge.
In this context, in order to be able to meet the new training and educational needs and to stay permanently connected to OSINT innovative trend, in 2018 is established the OSINT Centre of Excellence (CEOSINT) as a department within the Faculty of Intelligence Studies, „Mihai Viteazul” National Intelligence Academy. Rallying itself to the mission and general objective of the Romanian Intelligence Service, the OSINT Centre of Excellence aims to continuously update the content of the training and modernization programs for the institutional and national tradecraft by conducting a 360º analysis of the open sources domain to identify current trends and innovative solutions to answer training and specialization needs.
Benefiting from a young and dynamic team of OSINT specialists, the Center targets to develop a flexible and functional architecture, designed to act on three main pillars: (1) design and implementation of educational and training programs for both the Romanian Intelligence Service and its partners (at national and international levels), (2) operationalization and assistance in the implementation of research-innovation projects, with internal or non-reimbursable external financing and elaboration of research products on OSINT topics and (3) organization and attendance to events on topics related to OSINT domain in order to permanently identify trends and news in the field.

OSINT Brochure

In order to meet the objectives specific for the research pillar, OSINT Centre of Excellence publishes, with a quarterly frequency, the OSINT Brochure, which approaches and presents current themes of interest for national security, from a media perspective. Therefore, in order to promote current subjects, OSINT experts from both Romanian Intelligence Service and OSINT Centre of Excellence scans on a permanent basis the evolution of national and international security environment and elaborates papers on topics relevant for the national security issues managed by the Romanian Intelligence Service, using techniques specific to open source analysis.


The responsibility for the content of the published articles belongs exclusively to the authors. Full or partial reproduction of the texts or illustrations included in the published articles is possible only with the prior written consent of the Romanian Intelligence Service.