The National Centre for Modelling and Simulation in Intelligence (CNMSI) was established in 2015 as part of the “Mihai Viteazul” National Intelligence Academy to meet the need of increasing the role of the interdisciplinary scientific research and the information technology use in understanding the current security environment.

Along with other educational, training and research bodies of the Romanian Intelligence Service, while integrating their needs for operational and strategic interests, CNMSI offers the means for optimum development of practice-theory interaction and is engaged in developing training programmes for the future intelligence officers and for the Romanian Intelligence Service personnel.



CNMSI has taken the Anglo-Saxon “scientific intelligence” approach to security and intelligence activity. By adopting this model we have included in our activity modelling and perspectives simulation games from various related fields, such as sociology, anthropology, psychology, and economy. The identification of certain descriptive, explicative or predictive approaches is accompanied by defining an analytical and information model, that allows the use of means specific to IT and communication. Social network analysis, game theory and its applications are just some of the means used within the Center in order to understand a security issue.

One of the main achievements of the Center is the simulation laboratory in three-dimensional virtual reality conditions. The laboratory offers a technological, software-hardware platform for developing scenarios in which individuals participate in a virtual environment that replicate a real security issue.

The organization and the functioning of the CNMSI activities are in accordance with the terminology and principles adopted by NATO in the field of modelling and simulation, especially LVC – “Live, Virtual, and Constructive”.

In the national and international framework of research and development, CNMSI advocates building an ecosystem made up of institutional, academic, business entities based on security-related modelling and simulation.