The National Intelligence College is a structure within MVNIA hosting the postgraduate education and continuing professional development program with the same title, which allows SRI to contribute to increasing the expertise level of the representatives of civil society, public administration, and private sector and enhancing the understanding of today’s security challenges. Throughout the years, professors and students have found themselves in a win-win situation.


National Intelligence College saw a two-level evolution

The first 23 editions have been addressed to all members of the Romanian civil society who showed an either professional or personal interest in national security. In most of the cases, the students – MPs and government officials, civil servants from the central and local administration and representatives of corporations or the media – were the beneficiaries of intelligence products at same point.

The courses targeted a better understanding of national security as well as of relevant institutions’ specific mechanisms. They also tackled issues on the partnership and cooperation among those institutions at national level considering Romania’s NATO and EU membership.

Starting with the 24th edition (2017), the National Intelligence College program mainly focuses on security clearance holders, as they conduct activities in national security-related fields.

The activity of the National Intelligence College is curently suspended.