Bachelor’s studies in the field of military sciences, information and public order last 3 years (180 ECTS credits) and are fully funded. At the completion of studies, the graduates receive a bachelor’s degree, accompanied by a diploma supplement, which is released under the law, in accordance with the specific national and international quality standards for higher education.

The Academy organizes bachelor’s studies for Psychology-Information and Security Studies and Information specialization, training operations officers and analysts. At the completion of studies, the graduate fellows enroll in their base institution.

The analysts monitor the global developments in order to understand tendencies, decode causal relationships, and anticipate foreseeable evolution. By becoming the keeper of what we know and what we don’t know, you could have the role of shaping the collection of information activities or conveying assessments on important national security issues to the legal beneficiaries, such as the Romanian President or Prime Minister.

The operations officers collect information, which is then included in enhanced knowledge products or is used in building complex operations. The operations officers play the role of assessors of the operative situation, coordinate and recruit intelligence agents.


Faculty of Intelligence Studies

Specialization Security Studies and Information

In this specialization students learn concepts, theory and basic methods of security studies and how to apply them in their future intelligence activity. The curriculum follows the development of the necessary skills for activities such as collecting, analyzing, processing, and exploiting national security information in the context of the national and international security environment.

The graduates of this specialization are enrolled in the Romanian Intelligence Service as analysts.



Logic and Argumentation Theory (Critical Thinking) Information Security Management
Introduction to Security Issues Geopolitics and Globalization
Intelligence Agencies History Intelligence Activity Legal Framework
Introduction to Intelligence Human Behaviour Optimization Techniques
The Philosophy of Culture and the Theory of Values Intelligence and Economic Security
Social Cognition General Management
Foreign Language I (English/ French/ Russian) Strategic Influence Operations
Physical Education Applied Informatics in the Intelligence Activity
Anthropology Critical Infrastructures Protection
Fundamentals of Law Applicable in the Field of National Security Subjects pertaining to Intelligence Officers Training
Psychoeducational Counseling  

Faculty of Information

Specialization Psychology-Information

In this specialization, students acquire knowledge and specific skills in the field of psychology. The theoretical subjects substantiate the appropriate use of the intelligence activity concepts and basic methods, while the applied knowledge develops practical competencies, such as networking, motivation and interpersonal communication, social influencing, psychological assessment of the individual and the group.

Graduates of this specialization are enrolled in the Romanian Intelligence Service as operations officers.


The Fundamentals of Psychology Personality Psychology
Intelligence Activity Legal Framework Intelligence Activity Legal Framework
Security Institutions Human Behavior Optimization Techniques
Introduction to Intelligence and Economic Security Intelligence and Economic Security
Foreign Language I (English/ French/ Russian) Psychological Assessment and Psycho-Diagnosis
Physical Education General Management
Anthropology Organizational Psychology
Fundamentals of Law Applicable in the Field of National Security Critical Infrastructures Protection
Psychological Research Methodology Subjects pertaining to Intelligence Officers Training