MVNIA Doctoral School contributes to a comprehensive knowledge in intelligence and national security, as a foundation of scientific study in this area. The scientific results achieved over the years mirror the strategic objectives, principles of competitivity and excellence of higher education system and scientific research in Romania.

The Doctoral School has also approached the vast domain of intelligence and national security, created a background of general scientific knowledge on problems linked to national and international security issues. Nowadays, our mission is to improve the intelligence research using rigorous scientific methods and interconnecting it with similar sciences. Thus, the Doctoral School serves as an instrument that improves the Romanian Intelligence Service`s activities and creates the scientific premises for a constant development and adjustment of domestic Intelligence Doctrine.

One of our priorities continues to be investing in education and research.

The Doctoral School research topics are approached by taking into consideration SRI missions and values and the national vision on security and defence, the relevant results being promoted within the national security system.

The Doctoral School organizes and manages the doctoral degree studies within IOSUD-MVNIA, observing legal provisions and rules in the field.

MVNIA doctoral studies are fee-based and aimed at drawing up original papers based on scientific methods in intelligence and national security.

MVNIA obtained IOUSD status through Decision No. 667 of March 28, 2007 issued by the minister of education and research. In the same year, the Academy organized the first examination for admission to PhD studies, 13 candidates being admitted.

On September 16, 2011, the IOSUD and the Doctoral Studies Council (CSUD) were officially set up within MVNIA.

In 2015 the Doctoral School was established as a distinct structure within MVNIA.



Under MVNIA aegis, in cooperation with a consortium comprising other academic research entities, PhD program ESSENTIAL will be organized in 2017, a European Joint Doctorate (EJD) study programme aimed at achieving excellence in academic studies and encouraging innovative research projects on complex issues related to security sciences.

The new traits of the Doctoral School are multidisciplinarity (law – IT&C – national security), mobility, and international experience.

The main research topics of the program are related to four fundamental disciplines -socio-economic and human sciences, sociology, legal sciences, law, communication sciences and media study, information security, digital forensics and cyber security – and successfully combine information sciences with security and intelligence studies.



“Mihai Viteazul” National Intelligence Academy

University of Malta

Norwegian University of Science and Technology

University of Groningen (The Netherlands)

Edith Cowan University (Australia)

The Netherlands Forensic Institute

National Research Council (Italy)