IAFIE-EUROPE is the sister organization of the home association IAFIE (USA) which is the leading international organization for Intelligence Education.

The mission of the Association is to advance research, knowledge and professional development in intelligence education.




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 Agenda – IAFIE European Chapter 2019


How to analyse what? – Tailoring analytical approaches to real-world intelligence problems

It is our pleasure to announce that a new panel will be integrated in the IAFIE – EUROPE 2019 conference. It is co-hosted by the Dutch General Intelligence and Security Service (AIVD) and the University of Leiden, through the Institute of Security and Global Affairs.


There is a growing scientific body of knowledge on how intelligence analysis ideally should be performed. However, practitioners seemingly struggle to apply these academic insights onto the real-world intelligence problems. We believe that practitioners would benefit from a more precise description of the toolbox of available analytical approaches, including analytical techniques.

The panel will approach how different types of intelligence problems can be characterized and how the characteristics of an intelligence problem affect the suitability of different analytical approaches. The panel will take into account real-world circumstances practitioners act in, including time pressure and cognitive pitfalls, which might vary per type of intelligence problem.

Aiming to generate academic insights that can help practitioners tackle their analytical challenges, the goal of this panel is to lay the groundwork for a practical framework for intelligence problems and suitable analytical approaches.

All those interested in attending this panel are invited to submit their abstract and follow the registration steps, as mentioned in the conference Call for papers.


new deadline for abstract submision

It is our pleasure to announce that great abstracts have already been submitted for the 2019 edition of IAFIE Europe conference and we take the opportunity to thank our members and new attendees for their contributions.

In order to widen the opportunity for participation, the deadline for submitting abstract has been extended until February 12th, while the acceptance notification remains not later than February 15th.


Thank you very much for your interest, good luck and inspiration!

The organizing committee of IAFIE Europe 2019

Payment details

ING Bank, Markendaalseweg 41, 4811 KC Breda, The Netherlands


IBAN-account number: NL57INGB0007507958



Those interested in participating are invited to submit the title and summary of their papers (abstracts of maximum 300 words) by January 30th, 2019 at ia[email protected]. Acceptance notifications will be sent by February 15th, 2019.

Only those interested to be published must submit the final papers by April 5th, 2019. A selection of papers will be published in the 2019 summer edition of the Romanian Intelligence Studies Review (RRSI).

Anyone interested in attending our conference as a member of the public is required to register by sending an e-mail with the complete name and affiliation (university/ institution/ etc.) at [email protected] by March 20th, 2019.


Registration (fee / author):

Early registration (15.02-28.02.2019):

for the whole conference: IAFIE Members – €180; Non-Members: €220; Students – €120;

– for one day: IAFIE Members – €100; Non-Members: €120; Students – €70.

Late registration (01.03-20.03.2019):

for the whole conference: IAFIE Members – €200; Non-Members: €250; Students – €130;

– for one day: IAFIE Members – €120; Non-Members: €150; Students – €80.


Call for papers – IAFIE Europe 2019

Mission Statement of the IAFIE – Europe

As of January 14h, 2015 a European chapter of IAFIE is in existence. The International Association for Intelligence Education (IAFIE) is the leading international organization for intelligence education, established in 2004 in Erie, Pennsylvania. Its mission is to advance research, knowledge and professional development in intelligence education.

The IAFIE chapter for Europe is founded as a result of the clear need among intelligence educators in Europe to promote intelligence studies that take the specifics of European intelligence requirements, principles and methods into account. This need was voiced at a conference on European intelligence organisations, held in Breda in January 2014.

The IAFIE chapter for Europe acts in accordance with the general principles of IAFIE (www.iafie.org). It also tries to establish and maintain contacts with other organizations devoted to the study and teaching of intelligence, especially those in Europe.

The European IAFIE chapter recognizes that intelligence studies profit from a multi- inter- and transdisciplinary approach. The chapter is open for all those in Europe who wish to further the goals IAFIE has set for itself and its members, both from academia and education and from the world of intelligence professionals.

The general purpose of the European IAFIE chapter is, in accordance with the aims set by the parent organization:

  • Expanding research, knowledge, and professional development in intelligence education and related intelligence practices and education (e.g. competitive intelligence)
  • Providing a forum for the exchange of ideas and information for those interested in and concerned with intelligence education;
  • Advancing the intelligence profession by setting standards, building resources, and sharing knowledge in intelligence studies;
  • Fostering relationships and cultivating cooperation among intelligence professionals in academia, business, and government;
  • Developing, disseminating, and promoting theory, curricula, methodologies, techniques, and best practices for pure and applied intelligence;
  • Serving as a liaison between other professional organizations and centers of excellence.
  • Aiming at becoming the premier venue for virtual collaboration in addressing intelligence teaching in think tanks and higher institutions.



For the IAFIE Europe 2019 organizing committee

[email protected]

For IAFIE Europe

Chairman, Bob de Graaff email account: [email protected]


For more information you can access the official IAFIE Europe website: http://www.iafie-europe.org/.